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Are you looking for a CMO with 30 years of marketing experience?

With great enthusiasm and passion, I am here to support you and your team in successfully marketing your company. Let's schedule a meeting so that I can present my compelling application documents to you. Together, we will achieve great things!


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Benefits for Your Company

With my unbeatable support, you'll achieve RAPID and tangible results in your company. As an experienced senior interim professional, I offer comprehensive expertise in all areas of marketing, including sales. Together, we will effortlessly reach your goals and take your company to the next level!

Immediate availability

You need my support NOW? No problem. We can start together right away. Let's schedule the introductory meeting.

Team leadership

I CONTROL processes, establish and guide teams. Together, we transform problems into solutions and propel them to success.


Years of experience with brands and mid-sized companies have shaped my expertise. I understand what matters and quickly immerse myself in new topics.

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Some of my clients as an Interim Manager

An example of my work

As an Interim Manager for the insurance company nexible (Ergo Group), I led a large team and created the campaign 'The New King of Mallorca.' I would be delighted to present you with the details of this highly successful project in a personal conversation. | presents: Der neue König von Mallorca (feat. Jürgen Drews) from Walljet on Vimeo.

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